To grow wealth over a long period of time by investing in LEADERS in sectors that COMPOUND earnings for a very long period of time with very little business volatility.

Identify FAST GROWTH SECTORS that are benefitting from changing demographic profile and consumption patterns.

Our Strategy – Investing in LEADERS

  • Our PMS, Piper Serica Leader Portfolio Strategy ™, follows a top-down investment strategy.
  • We first identify industry verticals and sub-verticals that we believe would grow on a secular basis for the next 15-20 years based on change in demographics, consumption patterns and technology.
  • We then identify the clear Leader of the vertical and put it through a proprietary diligence framework that is based on Michael Porter’s 5 Forces Competitive Edge Model.
  • We rate each company across 35 parameters to establish whether it has a clear competitive edge over the challengers and the ability to grow at a faster rate and more profitably. For this rating we depend on our primary research where our deep relationships with industry participants, dealers, distributors, bankers, suppliers etc. are invaluable.
  • Based on the valuation range that we establish for each company in the portfolio, we actively manage the allocation. This dynamic allocation is the secret sauce of our superior returns.
  • Another reason for our superior performance is that the key attributes of our portfolio companies across growth, profitability and leverage, are better than all popular indices (both individually and on an average).
  • We have a robust risk management and allocation strategy to ensure that we regularly book profits and do not allocate more than 5% to any single company.

Some of our Portfolio Companies

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Corporate Governance

We have adopted the CODE OF ETHICS AND STANDARDS OF PROFESSIONAL CONDUCT laid down by the CFA Institute (U.S.A)

We abide by:

Professionalism, Duties to Clients

Practicing high level of independence & objectivity.

Loyalty, Prudence & Care in dealing with every client

Conflict of Interest

To ensure that there is no conflict of interest the Portfolio Manager and his family make all direct investment in the listed equity market in India through the PMS and have no other investment portfolio.

Integrity of Capital Markets

Strong internal policies to deal with sensitive information and data.

Investment Analysis, Recommendation & Action

Detailed diligence and a reasonable basis behind every investment